Create Your Ideal Life Workbook

(aka how I retired my husband in his 30s with no financial stress and without needing to replace his income or grow mine)

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Your money can’t help you live your best life and achieve all of your most important financial goals if you aren’t crystal clear on what those are

Go from feeling like you could be doing better with your finances to becoming crystal clear on exactly how to get your money working harder for you to create your ideal life

You're inches away from...


 having a roadmap for exactly how you should spend, save, and invest your money

 a framework to use around business and personal spending so you never have to feel guilty about your spending again

And feeling confident that how you manage your finances is going to support you in achieving even your biggest goals


Using your money to create your ideal life is super simple with the Create Your Ideal Life Workbook

All you need to do is reflect on what your ideal life, ideal business, and most important financial goals look like and fill in the prompts in order to create your roadmap to your ideal life.

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Who’s behind the Create Your Ideal Life Workbook…

Hi, I’m Nicky Morong, a Certified Financial Planner, author, and entrepreneur.

I’ve run my own financial planning practice, working one on one with clients, for over 10 years. 

I became a financial planner because my parents were both incredibly smart people with high incomes, who were doing some of the right things financially but had lots of financial stress and no professional advice. 

My dad died young, and because life is short, I wanted to help people like my parents use their money to live their best lives with the time they had instead of focusing on sacrificing to save for a retirement that might never come. 

And I did.

But it wasn’t as easy to get the same results for myself as I was getting for my clients. The traditional methods of financial planning aren’t focused on the unique challenges that come with running a business and all that it entails. 

I was making multiple 6-figures in revenue, but I didn’t have the time freedom I wanted, and I wasn’t building financial freedom consistently or at the level I knew should be possible. And I was frustrated because I couldn’t find anyone teaching the system I was looking for. 

So I dug deep into my finances, learned, and experimented a lot. Then I created my own simple system that makes it easy to spend, save, and invest in alignment with my financial goals and ideal life, and ensures I’m building wealth every single month regardless of what my revenue looks like or what’s going on in my business. It’s a system I can tweak as my revenue and my priorities change.

I’ve had such great results and so much fun getting them, that now I’m teaching this system for business owners, service-professionals, and entrepreneurs like you

It’s the exact system I used to retire my husband in his 30s (without needing to replace his income or increase mine), and move our family (and my business) from Boston to Southern California as new parents when our son was just 3 months old simply to chase the sun and live our best lives.

The first step of my system is to Create Your Ideal Life by mapping it out. It’s crucial, and it’s a step people often either miss or get wrong when it comes to building their financial plans. 

Without it, I wouldn’t have been able to create such a powerful financial strategy around my spending, saving, and investing or accomplish the incredible life for my family that I’ve just shared with you. 

That’s why I’m gifting you the workbook, so you can get results faster than I did without needing to reinvent the wheel

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Create Your Ideal Life Workbook